Increase Google Rankings, Website Traffic and Domain Authority whilst building Brand Loyalty and Trust with a successful content marketing strategy.

  • September 14, 2014 at 2:57 pm
  • by admin

Present your target audience with some amazing content.  They’ll share your content, mention it on the web and sometimes link to it. You’ll get direct traffic from these channels, you’ll also indirectly experience a rise in domain authority and google rankings thanks to social signals, external links, increased engagement, website mentions and other signals which google uses in it’s complex search algorithms.

Here’s a few things to consider when planning a content marketing strategy.


1.Identify Your Target Audience

Find out what they’re doing on the Internet and where they spend most of their time.


  • Which social platforms influence y
    our visitors?
  • Who are your visitors niche influencers? e.g whose blogs are they reading and where are they subscribing.
  • What are your visitors goals? e.g to make a purchase or to learn something new
  • How do your visitors discover new content on the web? e.g google search, you tube, newsletters


2.Create Awesome Content that Delivers Real Value

Create uniquely compelling content that’s special to your audience and their influencers, aim it towards the platforms they use, provide value they can take away by creating an experience or giving an insight that’s so engaging, so useful that your visitors will share, mention and link to it.

3.Get your Content Noticed


Share your content, reach out to your subscribers, contact your community directly, use social media. If you can get a niche i
nfluencer to share, mention or link to your content it has the potential to reach millions.

  • influencer outreach will amplify your content. When a niche influencer share’s your content, it can reach millions of visitors
  • Promote content on social channels
  • Reach out to your community with personalised newsletters and direct email and direct them towards your new content.

Content Marketing can be an excellent long term marketing strategy for your business. 

Engaging your Audience with content such as shares, posts, serps etc increases your website traffic and helps SEO by indirectly signally google to increase your rankings. You’ll get get more traffic, more authority, earn links and have much more influence. Consider a Link Building Strategy to be used in conjunction or as an alternative to this content approach based on your business model and goals.

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