Good content has one purpose: to engage the reader.

Once that goal is accomplished, everything else falls into place.

What makes our Content Writing great?

At Digital Ape, we work with you to create content that's not only engaging but rises above everything else in its field to establish your brand as a leading authority with expert knowledge. We provide:

  • Expert writers with many years of experience
  • In-depth trend analysis and social listening
  • Data led brainstorming

Together, we will make your site a trusted source of in-depth information that actually matters and connects with your audience.

How will we craft your website content?

  • Your new content will be well-researched and compelling with real 'take-away' value that can't be found on any other site targeting the same keywords.
  • We'll closely consider your website goals within our content, crafting specific calls to action that are succinct and targeted and ultimately increase your goal conversions.

How will we spread the word?

  • Your visitors will love the new content on your website so much that they will be compelled to share and mention it online and off. We can support your social buttons as well as monitoring mentions of your brand/products online so you know how you’re being perceived online.
  • We'll can also push your content out on the right traditional media channels to ensure it's read by the right people.

What’s our content philosophy?

Experience has taught us that online content works best when it’s short, simple, clean and easy to read.

We only write content which users want to read; we don’t spam the web with keyword stuffed pages.


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