Using the latest analytics tools available, such as Google Analytics, you can see exactly what is happening behind the scenes of your website.

We can be your guide through the world of analytics, starting by:

  • Setting your website up with analytics coding
  • Teaching you what is important and what is not
  • Helping you make changes to your site based on analytics insights

It is a really powerful tool which is essential for optimising an SEO campaign.

What will we do with your analytics information?

  • We'll help you understand your website data and use it effectively.
  • We’ll show you how to gain insight into your visitors' behaviour and show you important trends.
  • We'll examine your conversion rates, explain why some visitors don’t covert and modify your website to make more of them convert.
  • We’ll identify the most popular and most engaging pages on your site and teach you how to maximise their potential.
  • We’ll set up your website goals and conversion funnels and drive customers towards actions that match your business goals e.g. buying a product.

What will we teach you about your audience using analytics?

  • We’ll explain where your visitors are from and who they are.
  • We’ll show you what they love, what they hate and what they don’t understand.
  • We’ll report on bounce rates and show you how to reduce them.
  • We’ll analyse the impact of your social marketing efforts and show you which tactics work best and when.

By working closely with you, you can quickly receive regular specific reports tailored for your business, to help you uncover key information you may not find yourself.

Our team of analysts will help you gain a competitive advantage and lead the way in your industry.


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